8' Horse Hay Ring

Looking after your equine takes a lot of your time and money, especially with the high cost of hay and feed. Save a little of both by purchasing our 8’ Hay Ring, which is ideal for keeping hay confined for minimal loss. Less loss means less wasted hay. Less wasted hay means less money being spent on feed and less time spent refilling the ring. Our 8’ Hay Ring is a smart and safe, veterinarian-recommended choice for your cherished horses. Metal hay rings may rust and corrode leaving sharp, exposed edges your horses could get cut on, sometimes meriting a costly visit from the veterinarian. But AGI’s durable, plastic hay rings will not rust or corrode & are made of 100% recycled HDPE. They feature smooth, rounded edges safe for both you and your horses. And, unlike metal which is susceptible to permanent dents, dents in our plastic hay rings are only temporary and should easily pop out and back into shape.

  • Veterinarian Recommended!
  • Keeps hay confined for minimal loss
  • Easily to assemble and move
  • Four sections ready to bolt together; hardware included
  • Ideal for chopped hay
  • Holds up to tough animal abuse
  • Rust and chemical resistant
  • Eight eating spaces
  • One-year limited warranty

Part # Diameter
Overall - 48”
104 lbs


"We have very large horses and they are very hard on fences and any other feeders we have tried. The horses can push against the [8’ Horse Hay Ring] feeder and it flexes and then bounces back into shape. They are easy to move if you need to but solid enough that they stay in place. The feeding stations are large enough for the horses to easily get their heads and necks safely in the feeder but configured in such a way that their chests and legs do not get into the feeder. Foals and youngsters can easily use the feeder too."

Maureen Hall
Prospect Equine Farms, Inc.
Port Perry, Ontario, Canada

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